OneStream System Administrator Services


Lower Total-Cost-of-Ownership

  Short-Term Benefits:   

  • Financial Close Support
  • Provide Technical Oversight
  • Scale up / Down Support Hours
  • Mitigate Implementation Risks
  • Minimize Down Time 
  • Emergency Break Fixes
  • Streamline Data Processing
  • OneStream System Administrator Documentation

Added-Value Enhancements

 Long-Term Benefits: 

  • More Content / Value. Improve End User Acceptance.
  • Dedicated Resource engaged for Enhancements
  • Strategic / Financial Close Process Improvements
  • Replace File Extracts with SQL
  • Data Load Automation
  • Self-Serve Dashboards
  • OneStream Studio SQL Reports and BI Report Packages
  • OneStream Studio Mapping Reports 

System Admin Enhancement Example - Mapping Dashboard


Improve End User Acceptance

Provide Full Transparency into Mapping: 

  • Easy for users to see how their data mapped to Corporate
  • Replace Static Excel Mapping Exports with live Reports
  • Convenient single Dashboard for all Mapping